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Airbrush T shirt Orange County

In addition to more serious design I enjoy spending some time outsides t shirt airbrushing. This t shirts are one of a kind t shirts and hand painted by your truly. This particulate airbrushed t shirt was painted as a birthday gift from wife to husband that serves as a memento and reminds each other how they love spending time together riding their motorcycle. Using an original photograph that was sent to my to my cell phone I was able to paint this on the back of a white t shirt. I provided the t shirt and started the painting by drawing a rough sketch onto the shirt it self and carried out the painting by ¬†starting with the dark color first and working my way to the lighter colors. I finished the airbrushed t shirt by spray hair spray.. yes you heard right hair spray on the painted surface to protect it a bit more when it gets washed. With the paint the hairspray are durable just like anything else in the world it will eventually get old with a lot of uses. It’s always a good idea to use hair spray to convert the painted surface after each wash. These airbrushed t shirts make a great gift for birthdays and Christmas. These t shirts take several hours to paint so I strongly recommend placing your order ahead of time. I can not same day service so be sure to plan ahead. I provide this service to Orange County and Los Angeles but I can ship to anywhere in the world just be sure to plan ahead if this will be a gift since shipping world wide will take a bit of time.


Airbrush T Shirt Los Angeles

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