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Package Designer Orange County

One of my tasks as an artist is solving problems and package design is no acceptation. Most packages start as a flat piece of paper or plastic and then gets printed and wrapped to the product, my job as a package designer is to visualize how the package will look once it is printed and folded. If you are working with a manufacture in most cases you may have package design templates available that we can use to make things easier.  If you do not, and are creating something new a little extra work and development will be required. An initial meeting on Skype or in person will be required to discuss the project and which direction we need to take to move forward.

I’ve been working with Prima Cheese to development most of the new cheese product line and being a package designer in Orange County has made the design process smoother since I can meet with the owner in person and discuss and brainstorming ideas.  Our goal was to design something that can compete with the large brands around world since this product will be distributed world wide. The biggest concern was color registration and color matching, since printing on plastic usually tends to be a challenging but at the end we were extremely happy with printed package.

The most satisfying thing about designing a package is seeing your design in person once it has been gone through production and being able to hold it in your hand. Some packaging designs that I’ve created range from boxes, bags, cans, bottle labels, barrel packages and cups. My goal when designing  a package is to consider everything from printing process, packaging alignment and shelf display once the product get’s to it’s final place. In addition, I design the package to attract the main target audience mixed with the clients taste in design. Package design services start at $35 per hour.



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