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Package Design Can

Package Design

Package design for a can for Zaki that delivers canned tomato paste to North Africa Libya and surrounding area. Working with our client our goal was to design a packaged that was superior to any distributed tomato past in Libya keeping the traditional colors that call on the eye to quickly identify the can as tomato past with a more artistic feel framed within a professional format. The cans package was designed in English and Arabic for multiple marketing strategies at different locations. The final can was a direct print with no paper and the can itself feature and easy open feature not found on most cans. The challenge was to create something that will destroy the competition in Libya and complete with brands here in the states. So far the response to the design has been positive.

The design process is like any other with ideas and research done ahead of time, a few sketches and finalized on the computer prepared for production and mocked up on a can for proofing. In order to stay loyal and committed to my customer project I do not the same package design project twice. So you will not see another tomato package design by me for a competitor.


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