New Marketing Strategies 2015 2016

Marketing Strategies for 2016

Marketing Strategies for 2016

New Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies have gained a lot of importance in today’s world as the corporate world is expanding at an exponential rate and there are more and more companies adding to this world which is greatly increasing the competition between these companies for a particular product. This has motivated the companies to find new and effective ways for the marketing of their product in the competitive market. The success of a company now a day is very much dependent on the marketing strategies that those companies are applying for boosting up the sale of their products. A good amount funds are allocated for the sales and marketing in every company because the success of the whole company is based on this. Some of these effective and modern marketing strategies are compiled here.

  • First of all, the most important thing when you are marketing a product is the eye contact with the potential customer. Looking them in the eye will help in engaging them and as a result there are more chances that the customer will be buying the product. Making the eye contact will also make the customer comfortable which is one of the most important aspects in dealing with a potential buyer. Looking away from them while demonstrating your product will only shift them away.
  • The use of hands and arms in an effective way is another important approach and touching them in a way that does not seems to be offensive is a very smart thing to do during marketing. This strategy helps in motivating the customer to buy the product because when you touch people they will ultimately let you get in their personal space. You must also allow them to get into your personal space which will help you in creating a relationship with that customer. And relationships are of the utmost importance in business.
  • Shoulder turns are also an important part of the marketing strategy. Make sure that your shoulders must be open while demonstrating a product. Also hold up your hands when giving a demo this will make you look like you are more than willing to receive anyone who wants to ask you anything regarding your product. And conversely if you are cutting the customers off there is a good chance that you might miss a chance to say anything that the customer wants to hear before making a purchase.
  • Another important strategy is to put the product in the customer’s hands so that he can see the product for himself. This is a very effective marketing strategy. A customer always wants to take the product into his own hands and feel it himself before making a purchase. So it is imperative to put the product into his hands and let him feel the product. This will significantly increase the chances of the purchase for that particular product.

These are some of the marketing strategies which are used by some top firms in the corporate world. These are very simple and applicable marketing techniques that will be of much help to you in increasing your sales.

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