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There are many talented artists out there that will create a great illustrative design. But the mistake that most business start-up owners make is they do not account for the growth of the logo, and what I mean by this is; how well will the logo perform when printed on different products. Will your logo print well as a one color? Will it be expensive to print full color t shirts? How small can you print it without loosing the quality of your logo? Your logo must work with and without the logo icon. The logo icon is most people think is the logo, but in reality the logo icon (The “Apple” in Macintosh ) is simply a supporting graphic. Your logo is should work in a combination of three ways, with the text  (The word Macintosh), with the icon by itself and a combination of both together. Corporate identity design always follows simplicity, when you look at the most popular logos such as Target, Walmart or Apple you notice simplicity is the key. No fancy effect to colorful graphics. The reason is because you want your audience to recognize the logo as fast as possible, at the same time you want embed the logo into the audience mind and complex designs while beautiful always fall short.

My logo service always start with a consultation with the client. Getting their input helps me with the direction of the design of the logo.  The customer in some cases leaves the research to me. In this case I take some time to look at their competition and possible future marketing channels like internet marketing, video marketing, package design and so on to make sure the logo will work any possible condition. All completed logos are saved in a vector format is the standard for logo design and makes it easier to create just about anything out of your logo; business cards, videos, stamps, embroidery, websites, laser engraving ect.

I am a logo designer serving my local area of Orange County and Los Angeles, but I have worked with other clients around the world including Canada, Libya and Australia. Logo design services start at $35 per hour.

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