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Once upon a time this little artists lived in Riverside and painted a giant orange! Yes when I used to live in Riverside I had the opportunity to participate in the the Orange Art Venture hosted in the Riverside Art Museum. The oranges where sponsored by several local investors that purchased the giant fiberglass oranges from a local artist that also created the Art Cows. We have not rules and given full creativity freedom to what we loved to do, create. As a car lover I experimented with custom automotive show car paints same paint you find on high end custom cars to developed this Hot Rod Orange. The process was overwhelming since the orange was huge. I started with applying layers of Bondo to smooth the holes on the surface and sanded it smooth. Then as it goes applied primer, base coat of silver on the entire orange. This provided a reflective undercoat with the metallic orange and candy coated red band strip with an airbrush mural of custom cards midway around the orange. After that was done being an artist and graphic designer I wanted to push it ever further and applied a layer of clean with color changing pearl mix in the clear giving the orange that awesome beautiful color that shines with the sun. I finished the giant orange with several coats of regular clear and pinstriped the leaf. Halfway through the 2 month period the Riverside Art Museum offered the participating artist to paint a smaller miniature orange that was also to be displayed inside the museum since the larger one would only be display around the streets of Riverside. As a graphic artist in Riverside this was an awesome experience and expanded my creativity by having to work on such and odd project.

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