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eBooks and digital products such as software are becoming more popular while making it easier for consumers to download and read over the hand held devices. ebook creators and publishers’ only dilemma is creating e-book cover that really captures the books message. Utilizing an auto generator app or program to create your cover may be cost effective but it may be also lowering the value of your ebook.

By the end of the writing process it would be totally understandable for the author to collapse in a heap and sleep for days. However even after the writing is done there is still plenty of work to do. In the self publishing world the author may be responsible for the creation of the book cover as well. And while it may strike one as an easy thing to do there are many things to consider when designing an effective and attractive book cover. A good book cover can sell a book just as a bad one can cause the book to languish on the shelf. In other words there is a lot to the adage about judging a book by its cover – because many people do just that.

First and foremost a book cover conveys the genre of a book and the general tone of the book as well. If it features a dragon it’s most likely fantasy. If it has a woman in a light white dress in front of a body of water it’s most likely mainstream fiction geared towards women. I chose these two examples in particular because they are the two most common tropes in the book covers, which leads to the next point: a good cover must be unique. Does this mean you can’t include a dragon or woman? Of course not. But the trick (and most difficult part) is to set the cover you design apart from the rest. One way you may do this is by choosing a font that melds with the feeling of the book. Comic sans is only acceptable if the book is meant for children, for instance. Your reader is intelligent and deserves to be treated as such. An attractive illustration or picture along with contrasting colors and fonts will assure your book will jump into the hands of potential readers!

By hiring a professional graphic designer with a true creative eye for design and has expertise in visual communication will greatly increase the value of your ebook by creating a ebook cover that is both impact and easy to read in a digital format which can increase your click through rate.

eBook covers start at $40 per cover.

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