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My name is Ernie Hernandez I am an Orange County graphic designer providing design services world wide. I have studied traditional art mediums like water color, airbrushing, pencil, acrylic, charcoal and non traditional creative process like paper mache, automotive tuning and custom bodywork and paint, photography, film making, screen printing, stage design, fabrication. I am an entrepreneur and manage GD Solutions Design and Print, Hot Box Video Production, Custom-Trade-Show-Tablecloths.com, GroceryShoppingBag.com and TearDropBannersFlying.com.


I was an art director at a marketing company located in Riverside California. With over 7 years of marketing and promotional products and graphic design experience I am able to provide my clients with unique graphic design service by combining my knowledge and working one-on-one to create designs they can be proud of. I am currently working as a free lance graphic designer in Orange County and serving clients from Los Angeles to New York while managing and shipping promotional products world wide. I specialize in creating a brand through a trail of projects that usually start with logo design and develop to printed catalogs, brochures and business cards and extends to other valuable items like screen printed promotional products like t-shirts and online graphics for websites and social networking which include video production. I also work with Online Marketing DNA which offers intense online marketing services that surpass all traditional marketing strategies in value. If you are a small business or marketing expert looking to start a healthy business relationship and are dedicated to developing a brand you believe in; I want to work with you.


I am open minded and flexible which makes it easier to integrate my graphic design service to your marketing department. My standard rate is $35 an hour, billed in quarters of an hour. Projects can be billed after they are completed or after a monthly pre-set budget is reached. I accept all major credit cards and non traditional currencies like Bitcoin. All rights all release to you after full payment is made.


I believe in my sleek designs that balances artistic concepts executed with conservative lines that express a powerful message. Balance, is needed to live life to the fullest and a design can only work if you believe in it.



We have been using Ernie as our graphic artist since the year 2000. We started using him as a backup graphic person, but soon we used him as our main artist for all of our campaigns and our client’s campaigns. If you’re looking for a reliable person that can meet your deadlines, then Ernie is your guy. – Simon


I want express great gratitude and admiration to Ernie Hernandez, President of Ernie Designs, for years and years of excellent design work and on time delivery of time sensitive projects.

We have depended solely on Ernie to develop and execute our branding strategy for all of our businesses ranging from imported spirits to retail outlets and our corporate holding company.

We will continue utilizing Ernie’s services as we grow our businesses and move forward into new projects. – Zed Nammari


Available Design Services

Layout Design: Brochure, Catalog Flyers ect.