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The ultimate goal for every company is to have an established brand, but what does this really mean. All companies are different and not all branded strategies will apply to all companies. In order to create a strong brand you need to a few things. First and foremost you must believe in your brand and company with out this you will lack motivation to share and expose your companies brand. Two, you must hire a brand designer that can develop your brand through time. Last but not least you must be willing to maintain and commit to your brands style, colors through everything from logo design to advertising to customer service. It all boils down to the essence of what you represent. Stay consistent and your brand will go a long way.

This yogurt brand, like all other projects start with an initial consultation and brain storming with the customer. After the logo is finalize and companies visual characteristics is then developed using anything that is inspiring like music, art, design, feelings, lifestyles and so forth you are ready to move forward. Brand development is something that grows, like a child. Just like a child you will need time and patience to build your brand it can not happen overnight like some branding designers claim they can do. As the company becomes successful, you must continue to feed it with new design elements. Everything from your furniture at your office to the type of music played in the store creates and representation your company.

With House of Yogurt, it has been several years in which the owner and I have worked together to develop something unique we can both be proud of, and of course being voted number 1 yogurt house in Orange County sure feels good. As time passes we continue to experiment and try new branding designs that may or may not work but at the end the day only these experimentation will guide the brand to success. This yogurt brand shop also give their success to unique flavors that are original and no where else to be found. Like a mad scientist, the owner develops unique flavors blended in house that captures the time of year. Like these insanely tasty flavors: Devils Chocolate Cake Batter, Candy Corn, Marsh mellow Creame, Mexican Hot Chocolate, The Elvis, Twinkies, Banana Bread, Spiced Pears, and Red Velvet to name a few of course traditional yogurt flavors are also available.

In order to work together we must establish a healthy working relationship where we can collaborate create a brand that is not only unique but also is powerful enough to endure at least 5-7 years.

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