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I recently got invited to help film a short film produced and directed by Eddie Ruiz called “2nd Coming Uprising”. I met Eddie a while back in another meeting at a previous film project that was being produced at the time. The shoot took place over the weekend starting on Friday morning, and continued through Sunday in Anaheim and Santa Ana. On Friday we spend all day at a staged studio in Anaheim to shoot at indoors at a jail scenes, after a short safety meeting the lighting crew came to setup the scene with smog and lighting with the direction of the director of photography. The second day we started early in downtown Santa Ana by main and 4th street closing down Main Street for the shoot. Cops arrived to prevent people from spilling over into our scene. Saturday was the toughest and we wrapped up the day around 4:30. On Sunday shot across the street of the Santa Ana train station showed in the photographs above. I had opportunity to learn more and experience a different working environment.

The short film is still in post production and should be release soon.

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